Friday, August 21, 2009

Hair Analysis...Complete!

I met with Mr. Jack Grogan of Nutri-Health this afternoon. What a great guy. Nice, easy to talk to, and doesn't look at you and ask what the heck you have been doing to get to this point of destruction while shaking his head in despair! Nope, nope...he doesn't ask...he TELLS YOU! (very nicely and politely, of course)

It seems that all of my calculations were incorrect. I thought I was going to be the most toxic / un-level person he had ever seen. However, other than 2 areas, I am solid! I have a fast metabolism (which he says I should be able to get under control rather quickly), my copper level is high and my zinc level is low. Now, my copper being high isn't the problem...the zinc being low is. They play off of each other and mine are completely out of whack! Because my zinc is so low, it SEEMS like I have an excess of copper which is the culprit of my inability to sleep among other things. And, seeing that I do not have enough zinc, (zinc being an anti-inflammatory), you can imagine the massive amounts of swelling my body undergoes with any form of stress. Couple all of this with my Chiari and my scoliosis...I am a bomb!

Jack further explained that my liver is working properly and is distributing the proper amounts of insulin when it should be. However, the problem is that it is doing it WAY too often. He explained it like have a $30 phone bill every month and that is normal. But, imagine that same normal price being billed every day. That is the difference. I go from mountain peak to ocean deep 5, 6, 7 times a day, when it should be a steady wave of gentle rolling hills! Eeeeeek! My body doesn't know up from down or left from right; and it is in a constant state of STRESS! (also related to my sleeplessness!)

Then, obviously, my eating practices were called in to question and after admitting that I am the ultimate comfort food junky...he told me NOT to be. Simple, aye? The food that I put in my body is of utmost importance right now. Jack gave me a packet consisting of the best foods for my circumstances and told me that I need to to treat myself as though I am a diabetic and NOT MISS A MEAL OR A SNACK! Not skip breakfast or get too enthralled in whatever mischief I am up to through lunch. Because, although I am not physically putting food in my mouth, my body is eating. And, eventually the necessary things the body needs to function properly runs out and it starts eating away at muscle!

My turn-a-round should be quick (as long as I stay on track). Jack believes that a lot of my "episodic symptoms" I have been having after exercise and exertion should lessen (if not disappear) rapidly once I get my body in check and my levels, level! I am VERY excited with this bit of news. I am still going to go to the Cleveland Clinic for an MRI to check the status of my resident brain bulge, but...if it has not changed and I am symptom free....NO SURGERY!!!! WOOHOO!

Anyway, there was a lot more information discussed regarding my body's use of adrenaline and how it reacts to internal and even external stressors, but I won't bore you any further. I am sure I have reached rocket levels of boredom for any who love me enough to have even read this far! Instead, I will end by saying....everything on my food list is good stuff. And I suppose I could look at the future in one of two ways...I can either tell myself that I am not going to be eating any of my favorite foods or I can tell myself to get new favorite foods!

Kristi - Hopeful! :)


jlcooper said...

Definitely not a choice.....get new favorite foods!!!! That is simply amazing.....and all from hair!....unbelievable.

All fixable and you'll only be better and feel better for can do it!!!!!

Let me know the foods, so when you guys come over for cookouts etc. I can have what you need....k?

and yes, I am one of them who love you and will help in whatever way I can.


Kristi said...

thank you...mommy!